Criminal Reports

General Questions

  • Do I have to send the Pre-Adverse action letter, if I send the Adverse Action Letter?

    Yes. You must send the Pre-adverse action letter first. This gives your applicant a reasonable amount of time to respond to the negative information on their consumer report, usually 5 business days before you are required to send the Adverse Action Letter.

  • What tests/reports should I run on my potential employees?

    You run reports for two primary reasons; to determine if the applicant is qualified and to safeguard against potential threats to the company’s interests. There is not one ‘catch all’ report that will satisfy every need. Our customer service representatives can help you determine which reports will protect your organization.

  • What types of background screening services are available at

    We provide a variety of services for your employee screenings. Credit reports, international searches, employment verifications, reference checks, drug screenings, motor vehicle reports, and federal, civil, and national criminal reports, just to name a few. Please contact one of our representatives to discuss which services best fit your screening needs.

  • Do I need an applicant’s authorization to conduct a background check?

    Yes, a separate authorization from the application is required when conducting a background screening on a potential employee. The authorization to conduct a background screening can be requested anytime during the hiring process. If you do not have an authorization form, we can provide one for you.

  • Do I have to supply my applicants’ dates of birth?

    Yes. The applicant’s date of birth is one of the main identifiers that we use to conduct our searches. Since the authorization form is separate from your application, you may obtain the applicant’s date of birth. This is not considered age discrimination; since you are not rejecting the applicant based on his/her age.

  • How long does a background check usually take?

    This depends on the type of searches you are requesting. Database searches, such as the multistate criminal reports or a sex offender registry search, are returned almost instantly. Other reports, in which we contact another party (i.e., employment verification, professional reference, and/or an education verification) will take longer. For more specific details regarding turnaround times for specific searches, please contact one of our representatives.

Credit Reports

  • Do you provide credit reports?

    Yes, we can supply you with a Pre-employment credit report. There are restrictions when it comes to the use of credit reports for employment purposes, typically only financial positions qualify. Some states prohibit the use of credit reports for pre-employment purposes. Please check with your attorney to ensure compliance with the state and local laws.

  • Does the Pre-Employment Credit Report come with the credit score?

    No, per federal regulations, pre-employment credit reports do not contain the credit score.vvvv

Social Security

  • Why is a social security trace search important?

    A Social Security Trace provides vital information regarding your applicant’s name, social security number, and previous addresses, which is critical information when screening your applicant. The social security trace also validates the social security number that your applicant provides.

Drug Screening

  • Do you provide drug screening?

    Yes, we provide a variety of drug screening options, such as DOT & NON-DOT drug tests, 10-panel, 5-panel, random and incident screening. Please contact our representatives for information regarding our drug screening options.