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County Criminal
A real-time search for felonies and misdemeanors for a particular county. This search goes back a minimum of seven years.

Statewide Criminal
A statewide search of felonies and misdemeanors as reported by the counties. May contain wants/warrants from other states as well. Not available in all states.

Multi-State Criminal Database
An instant search of over 300 million criminal records from hundreds of sources in all 50 states as well as some international records. Also includes sex offender registries with over 3.5 million pictures.

Federal Criminal
A search for crimes prosecuted at the Federal level which can include cases of embezzlement, fraud, drug trafficking and other federal crimes. Covering all 84 U. S. District Courts in one search, (a single district search is also available).


Civil – County (Lower Court)
This search is designed to check lower level county court civil records. Cases range in dollar amounts from state to state covering small claims courts.

Civil – County (Upper Court)
This search is designed to check upper level county court civil records. Cases range in dollar amounts from state to state covering larger civil court filings.

Civil – County (Combined Court)
A combined search by county of both upper and lower court civil filings.

Civil – Federal Single District
This is a civil records search conducted at a single U.S. District Court within a federal judicial district.

Credit & Social

Employment Credit Report
A complete credit history specifically designed for employment evaluation; includes aliases, address histories, collections, civil judgments, bankruptcy filings, tax liens and other information.

Social Search
A validation report based on name and social security number. Information returned will include validity of SSN, names/aliases and address information associated with this SSN/applicant.

Government & Spec

Healthcare Sanctions Lists
Multi-level search of healthcare industry databases from the OIG, GSA, FACIS and 800 other state and federal healthcare databases.

Professional / Occupational State License Verification
Information obtained includes license status, and, if available, expiration date, adverse information and specialization.

Government Foreign Nationals Watch List
Groups and/or individuals are identified as threats to U.S. Foreign Policy and National Security by The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of The U.S. Department of the Treasury.

National Bankruptcy Search
The Bankruptcy National Database contains 9.5 million records compiled of bankruptcy filings from January 1992 to present.

Workers Compensation Record Search
This state requested report generally contains case numbers, date of injury, injury type and employer at the time of the injury. Access to this information and rules for obtaining this report will vary state to state. Not all states allow this search.

Other Governmental Databases available. Please contact us if you need something specific that is not listed above.

Electronic I-9 Solutions
VerifyProtect.com’s I-9 solution allows you to effectively manage and streamline your process for employment eligibility meeting Federal and State regulatory compliance for your organization for one or several locations right on the web. Our electronic form are easy to use and can be connected directly to Homeland Security’s (DHS) E-Verify Program. You can scan and upload documents right on the employees form keeping everything accessible and secure for all your employees.


Employment Verification
VerifyProtect.com contacts previous employers to verify the candidate’s last position held, length of employment, salary information, and eligibility for rehire.

International Employment Verification
VerifyProtect.com will contact previous International employers to verify your applicants employment.

Education Verification
VerifyProtect.com will contact any college, university, trade-school or high school to verify your applicants stated degree obtained and attendance dates. Verifications including transcripts are also available.

Education Verification-International
VerifyProtect.com will verify your applicants degree and attendance for colleges and universities located outside the United States.

Personal Reference Verification
VerifyProtect.com contacts and interviews the candidate’s reference to determine their character, reliability. Customized questions may also be added.

Professional Reference Verification
VerifyProtect.com contacts and interviews the candidate’s professional reference to determine character, reliability, work ethic and job performance. Customized questions may added.

Exit Interview (Phone)
VerifyProtect.com will conduct a phone interview with your former employee to gather pertinent information and insight about their experience with your company.

Drivers Records

MVR – Standard Driver’s License Record Search
A report on the candidate’s driving record for the state where they are licensed. Includes license status, moving violations, and accident history.

MVR – Commercial Driver’s License Record Search (CDL)
A report on the candidate’s commercial driving record in the state they are licensed. Includes license status, moving violations, and accident history.

MVR – Federal Commercial Driver Safety Search
A report on the candidates nationwide commercial driver safety history. Reports 3 year roadside inspection and 5 years crash information.

Drug Testing & Physical

All drug tests include collection of the sample, transportation to the lab, EMIT and GC/MS by a certified laboratory and test review by a Medical Review Officer (MRO) if required.

Drug Test – 5 Panel (Standard or Dept of Transportation ‘DOT’)
The most commonly used drug tests. Both test for Amphetamines (Crystal Meth), Cannabinoids (THC and Marijuana), Cocaine, Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, Heroin, Oxycodine, Vidcodin, etc.) and Phencyclidine (PCP).

Drug Test – 10 Panel
In addition to the 5 panel, the 10 Panel will also include Barbiturates, Benzodianzepines, Methadone, Methaqualone, and Propoxyphene.

Alcohol Test
Regulated breathalyzer testing of an individual to determine breath alcohol level can be conducted with certified results through a medical professional.

Pre-employment Physical Exams
We have a wide range of occupational medical and physical exam offerings, including general and Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals, auditory and visual testing, TB tests and other blood tests, immunizations and more.

Tenant Screening Services

Are you a rental property owner? Our tenant screening services can help ensure you find qualified, responsible tenants that will help maintain your bottom line, and your investment.

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