What Types of Personnel Need Background Checks?

What Types of Personnel Need Background Checks?

You’re a small business owner and just beginning to hire employees to help you expand your operations.  Congratulations ~ you’ve taken a huge step toward making an even bigger splash in the market!  However, you may be concerned as you start to gather applications and interview candidates for open positions; namely, you’re questioning whether or not you need to perform background checks on your top prospects.

Obviously, it’s a tough decision, even for the savviest entrepreneurs.  And experienced companies like VerifyProtect will suggest that you conduct background checks on everyone, just to cover your bases.  However, if you prefer to take a case-by-case approach, you’ll need to evaluate whether the jobs you have to fill should be filled by persons by have passed background checks.

Basically, you’ll need to ask yourself whether any of these descriptions applies to the position:

  • Will your new hire be handling finances?  If so, a background check is essential.  You cannot afford to lose a single penny because of an unethical employee.
  • Will your new employee be driving his or her own vehicle or a vehicle leased/owned by your company?  A check into his/her driving record will help weed out those who could be liabilities.
  • Will your new person be working in any capacity with minors?  In this case, a background check is critical.  You can never be too careful.
  • Will your new hire be handling confidential materials?  If you said “yes”, you must ensure that this is a trustworthy individual.  You’d be surprised at how many seemingly-ethical people have misused their powers in past jobs.
  • Will your new individual be possibly interviewing and training other new hires?  If this is the situation, your employee will need to have a clean background check.

Of course, there are other considerations as well.  For a well-rounded way to determine whether your next position should be filled by someone who has completed and passed a background screening, head to this handy questionnaire.  And good luck as you grow your business!

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