What Happens When Employment Pre-Dates Background Checks?

What Happens When Employment Pre-Dates Background Checks?

It happened recently in New London, Wisconsin.  A school bus driver was charged with sexually assaulting the kids on his bus.  He had slipped through the cracks because he was hired before the company for whom he worked was expected to perform background checks on all drivers. 

Yep, he’d been employed for 33 years without a background check.  Ouch.


You bet. 

And it’s something that occurs more frequently than a lot of people would expect.

There are numerous companies that have background checks in place now that didn’t when some of their workers were originally brought on as a part of the team.  Thus, even a seemingly secure organization could be hiding a felon or sexual offender.

This is why it’s critical for companies who implement background checking on new hires to continue making this retroactive, if possible. 

Will there be a lot of irritation among personnel?  Certainly. 

But if the workplace is made safer, it’s worth it.

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