Should School Board Members Be Background Checked?

Should School Board Members Be Background Checked?

In New Jersey, there has been some recent hubbub about making all would-be school board members undergo criminal background checks prior to being able to get on the ballot. 

Though most individuals are in favor of the regulation (and it looks like it’s being passed in the NJ legislature), some are worried about certain elements of it.  Namely:

  • Prospective school board members will have to pay for the criminal background checks with their own dollars. 
  • Those already sitting in school board positions will not have to undergo the process.
  • Because they’ll pay out of pocket for the criminal background checks, only those who can afford to do so may take the initiative.

Obviously, we’re for criminal background checks in this situation.  There’s little debate that those with serious criminal offenses/records shouldn’t be making decisions for the future of students in their townships, cities, boroughs, etc.  Still, we’d like to know your opinion… what do you think?

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