Education Verification – Anyone Can Write “Harvard” on a Resume

Education Verification – Anyone Can Write “Harvard” on a Resume

Guess what?  Anyone can write “Harvard” on a resume… or “Yale” or “Princeton” or “Penn State” for that matter.  But that doesn’t mean that he or she ever really attended the institute of higher education.

This is the reason that education verification is so critical, especially for upper management level positions.  If you want someone on the job who has a certain degree from a particular type of college (e.g., medical school, law school, liberal arts school, trade school), you need to make sure that you’re getting what you think you’re getting!

Case in point — even if someone can “talk the talk” about your alma mater (as if he or she went there), it’s still important to conduct education verification.  We at VerifyProtect routinely uncover lies and half-truths (“Well, I attended for a semester before dropping out… so I’ll say I ‘went to Georgetown’!”) that absolutely bowl our clients over.  And they are always grateful that they didn’t hire the persons trying to dupe them.

Even if you’ve never had a problem before, it’s time to start implementing education verification as a standard part of your background screening process.  You will absolutely never regret it.

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