Background Screening — It’s a Matter of How Much, Not Should We

Background Screening — It’s a Matter of How Much, Not Should We

In today’s über-competitive employment market, it’s becoming increasingly tempting for job seekers to “fib” on their resumes and during interviews.  Though such lying has always occurred, it’s definitely on the increase as individuals who have been without placement for long periods of time become desperate.

In that kind of environment, you as a business owner or manager can’t afford to ask if you should background screen all potential new-hires; instead, you have to ask how much screening is necessary for each position.

For instance, if you are planning to hire someone for a role within your company that doesn’t involve dealing with money, you’ll want to get different background checks than you will for your VP of Finance.  If you’re not sure which background checks are right for you, take this quick Q&A to find out.

The economic uncertainty of today has changed the playing field.  Protect your assets with background screening.

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