Yes, Virginia, a Bad Credit Report Can Cost You That Job

Posted by Kristina Taylor
July 30, 2009

Yes, Virginia, a Bad Credit Report Can Cost You That Job

Many job seekers spend oodles of time cleaning up their resumes, polishing their interviewing skills and even hiring consultants to help them dress the “right” way.  But many would never think to make certain their credit reports are sound.

Make no mistake about it — with the dearth of jobs and the glut of employment seekers has come an increase in the number of employers who are not only doing background checks on potential employees but are also looking into their credit reports.

The process is nothing new; in fact, many companies were doing this long before the recession took hold.  However, more and more businesses are asking the question:  “If this job hunter can’t keep his/her own financial house in order, how can he/she do so on behalf of our organization?”

So what is a consumer to do?  First and foremost, get that credit report score up quickly and sensibly.  Pay down debts.  Write checks on time.  Take out a part-time job to pay down creditors.

After all, a lucrative full-time job offer could hinge on the number spewed forth from any of the top three credit reporting entities.