Would You Want a Criminal Working Next Door to You?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
October 27, 2010

Would You Want a Criminal Working Next Door to You?

Can you spot a criminal just by looking at him or her? 

The answer is, not surprisingly: “no”.

Yet far too many employers assume that they can somehow weed out “bad” job applicants by asking the right questions during the interview process.  Unfortunately, unless they perform a criminal backround check on potential hires, they’ll never know for sure.

See, even the most carefully-constructed interview queries won’t necessarily net you the truth.  Though many will, a person with a criminal background who doesn’t want you to find out about it will try to hide at every turn.  And some are quite adept at doing so!

It’s not worth potentially putting someone with a dangerous past into the midst of your corporation, is it?  Of course not!  That’s the main reason that criminal background checks are always the right thing to do.  If an applicant balks at the notion of you finding out about his or her past, then you can simply stop the interview right then.  Remember that it’s not discrimination to terminate an interview if the interviewee refuses to allow you to perform a criminal background check.