Who’s Behind That Mask?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
December 24, 2009

Who’s Behind That Mask?

Every time a candidate for a job steps in front of you, he or she is wearing a mask.  It’s a mask made up of many levels, and there’s no telling if one of those levels could be a devastating secret that could harm your company.

What secrets could be hiding behind the applicant’s mask?  Statistics suggest that any of the following could be lurking:

→ Fudged resume dates.

→ Falsified education records and credentials.

→ Lies about past employers.

→ Felony offenses (or other criminal offenses) that occurred in your (or another) state.

→ Terrible credit history.

→ A bad driving record.

The scariest part?  You can’t tell what’s behind the mask with your eyes alone. 

This is why, as an employer, you must protect your business with pre-employment background screening.  Otherwise, when the applicant’s mask falls to the floor, you and your organization could be left in a very scary position.

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