Who Pays for Background Checks?

Who Pays for Background Checks?

It’s an interesting question:  Who pays for background checks?

Is it the employer?  The potential employee?  The school?  The school would-be volunteer?  The nanny?  The parents of the kids the nanny will be watching? 

In a nutshell, the answer is a bit convoluted because it depends.

Most employers pay for background checks themselves.  They simply consider it a cost of doing business and an insurance policy against making terrible hiring decisions.  However, there are some companies that are moving to making the possible employee pay for his or her background check; we’d suggest looking into the legality of doing so depending upon your field.

As for nonprofit organizations, a good deal require that potential volunteers pay for their own background checks.  That way, the entity doesn’t have to use funds to do so, and they ensure that any volunteers really want to be there since they’ve already used their own monies for clearances and background screening.

At this point, we’d really like to know your thoughts on the subject…

Have you ever paid for a background check to be performed on you?  Would you?  Conversely, have you ever made someone pay to have a background check report run on him or her?

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