Who Is Watching the Store? With Background Checks, You’ll Know

Posted by Kristina Taylor
May 28, 2010

Who Is Watching the Store? With Background Checks, You’ll Know

“Watching the store”. 

It’s a term that applies equally to home and business.

  • Boss to employee:  “Watch the store.  I’m headed out to lunch!”
  • Mom to teen:  “Hey, bud.  Watch the store while I go get some groceries!”

But do you always know exactly who is “watching” your store?

In the cases above, we’re going to assume that the employee was background checked and the teen wouldn’t do anything wrong (lest his mom find out!)  However, there are probably plenty of other people who “watch the store” for you…

  1. Babysitters
  2. Nannies
  3. Workers with access to your home/office
  4. Cleaning personnel
  5. Interns
  6. Volunteers
  7. Neighbors with keys

… and the list goes on…

Is it feasible to background check each of these persons?  Generally speaking, yes.  After all, doesn’t it make sense for you to know who is “minding the store” while you’re not there?  And even if you ARE present (as in the case of a worker who’s in your house to fix the plumbing, install carpeting, etc.), wouldn’t you want to know if he or she had a criminal record?

In an era where it’s easier and more inexpensive than ever to background check a person, there’s really no reason to let someone enter your property without ensuring the safety of your family and coworkers.