Who Is Coaching the Kids?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
September 10, 2010

Who Is Coaching the Kids?

With school back in swing, tons of kids are getting back to their sports of choice — football, soccer, basketball, hockey.  But who’s coaching them?  That’s a question that every parent needs to seriously consider.  It’s also something that athletic programs need to think about.

The benefits to background checking all personnel related to any athletic programs are really quite extensive:

1.  If all coaches and other staff members (and volunteers) are background checked, that fact can be marketed to parents.  (And moms and dads love to know that their children are safe.)

2.  The cost of the background checks can be passed to coaches, etc., as long as that’s legal within your state, school district, etc.  (Please check with an attorney for specifics.)

3.  There will be no sudden “bad publicity” crises due to coaches taking advantage of the innocence of boys and girls.  (Make no mistake — that type of issue can bring an athletic program to its knees.)

4.  The kids will be safe.  Above all else, this is something that everyone involved can bank upon.  And it’ll also enable them to learn the skills needed to perform at the highest level they possibly can.  (Safetly begets security which begets openness to training.)

So… who is coaching the kids at your school district, school, community center, etc.?

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