Who Is Background Checking Temporary Workers?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
September 17, 2010

Who Is Background Checking Temporary Workers?

It’s no secret that in today’s cyclical business environment, companies often find themselves hiring temporary workers.  Those types of workers include:

  • Seasonal staff members;
  • Persons hired to fill short-term leave (e.g., maternity leave) absences;
  • Individuals brought on to fulfill a special project (e.g., consultants, outsourced graphic designers);
  • People who can fill a position until a permanent worker is found; and
  • Other temporary personnel as needed.

So the question becomes:  Who is background checking those temporary persons being brought into the organization?

In many cases, the answer is “no one”, which is not only unfortunate, but can result in serious problems.

Consider the case of a temporary clerk who is hired by a company that expects to need some extra hands during October, November and December.  If the clerk never undergoes background checking procedures, should anyone be surprised when she turns out to have a less-than-honorable work ethic when it comes to “helping herself” to the till?

Sadly, this happens frequently across the United States and it’s a relatively inexpensive and fast problem to fix.  Background checks through reputable companies like VerifyProtect are done quickly, affordably and conveniently.  And they take a lot of the risk out of hiring people for short-term needs.

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