Which type of employer are you?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
October 25, 2011

Which type of employer are you?

When it comes to their beliefs on pre-employment screening, there are four types of employers.

1. The Believers: These guys are on board with the pre-employment screening process. They believe in it as an investment in the safety of their employees, their customers and their business, and they hire the very best, most reputable employment screening service to oversee every background check, every time.

2. The Room for Improvements: They may be recently on board the pre-employment screening bandwagon, and though they’ve got some processes firmly in place, they are looking for ways to improve their background check system and tighten their ship.

3. The Skeptics: Those who don’t believe background checks are necessary but they go through the motions because either their industry demands it or their customers expect it. These folks typically just do the bare minimum that is required of them.

4. The Handshakes: Those who subscribe to the old business belief that people should be taken at their word with a firm handshake. They think they are a good judge of character and don’t need to rely on criminal records and legal documents to back up their instincts about a prospective employee. Most of these folks don’t have any formal pre-employment screening process in place.

Which type of employer are you? Could your way of thinking, and your pre-employment screening process, use an overhaul?

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