When Someone Doesn’t Like Your Background Screening Policy

Posted by Kristina Taylor
August 23, 2010

When Someone Doesn’t Like Your Background Screening Policy

If you have a background screening policy and protocol in place (and if you don’t, call VerifyProtect pronto!), it’s bound to happen — someone won’t like it.  Someone will try to “push back” and say it’s unfair.  Someone will threaten you.  Someone will cry.  That’s why it’s important to plan for these contingencies.

So how can you ready yourself or your team for the inevitable person’s ire?  Plan a statement in advance and make sure anyone who needs to use it has access to it.  It could be as simple as:  “Our background screening measures have been put into place to maintain the safety of our workers/volunteers/kids/clients/etc.  We stand by our decision to make choices based, in whole or part, on the results of background screening.”  (Note:  Your legal consultant and/or HR manager can help you with any specific verbiage you need to include depending upon your industry.)

Does this mean that the person who was offended by your background screening measures will suddenly change his or her mind?  Probably not.  But it will allow you to professionally address a concern in a calm manner.

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