When Background Check Results and Your Instincts Don’t Match Up

Posted by Kristina Taylor
January 18, 2011

When Background Check Results and Your Instincts Don’t Match Up

It’s bound to happen at some point in time… your “gut instincts” toward a job candidate tell you he or she is perfect for the position.  However, when the background check comes back, you learn that you’ve been incorrect in your assumptions.


What gives?  How could your “sixth sense” be so off-base?


First of all, don’t worry – it isn’t you.  Secondly, that’s why you get background checks on all job candidates about whom you’re serious.


See, we “connect” with people for any number of reasons – they say what we want to hear, they make us feel comfortable, they remind us of individuals we like, they seem eager to please, they flatter us, etc.  And that instant connection can often lead to a feeling of sudden trust.


Background checks enable us to step away from emotionally making human resources decisions.  Job candidate vetting isn’t left to our senses alone, but to specific documentation.  Thus, not only are you ensured that the job candidate is someone with whom you want to work, but that he or she is also someone whose background is clear.


In the end, it’s fine to “go with your gut” in other areas of business.  But when it comes to hiring, your instincts can be wrong. 

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