What Does a Bad Credit Report Mean?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
December 4, 2009

What Does a Bad Credit Report Mean?

Employers are increasingly conducting credit checks on potential new hires, but not all of them understand how to interpret the data.  After all, a credit check report doesn’t equate to simply receiving a credit score; in fact, it’s much more comprehensive… and that can make evaluating it complicated.

So what does it mean if a potential employee’s background check comes back clean but his/her credit check comes back with “black marks” (figuratively speaking, of course)? 

Here, we’ll look at a quick way to determine how the credit check data potentially affects your decision:

1.  Typically, if a person is to have any financial responsibility, you want someone with a squeaky-clean credit check report.  If he/she cannot handle his/her own finances, do you want him/her to handle your company’s?

2.  If you see that a person owes a great deal of money and will be in a position where he/she can have easy access to your business’s cash, you might want to think twice about making a job offer.  Many cases of embezzlement occur because the embezzler is deeply in dept.

3.  If you notice that the individual consistently makes numerous late payments (or skips payments), it could be a sign that he/she isn’t dependable.  While it’s not necessarily a total deal-breaker (especially if the late payments were five years ago), you do have to ask yourself if he/she will be late with other items, such as projects and assignments.

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