What Company Doesnt Want Great Employees?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
November 30, 2010

What Company Doesnt Want Great Employees?

“I have great employees!”  What CEO, VP, manager or supervisor wouldn’t want to be able to announce that to all the world and really, honestly, sincerely mean it?  The answer is:  ALL OF THEM!  Yet without background checks, getting great employees is going to be tough.


Background screening of all new hires can immediately weed out the hucksters from the hard workers.  Not only can comprehensive background checks save you time and money, but they can also tell you:


·         Any discrepancies on a would-be employee’s job application and/or resume.  (This includes work histories and educational backgrounds.)

·         Whether or not your candidate has a criminal record.  (Don’t assume you can easily find this out, either; without the help of a professional screening organization, you could be duped.)

·         If your potential employee has left a positive trail… or a negative one… in his/her wake.  (Reference checking the RIGHT way can give an incredible amount of info!)


There’s no reason for you NOT to have great employees.  They’re out there, they want to work and they’ll be your stars for a good, long time.  However, if you aren’t background checking, you may miss a diamond-in-the-rough for the false dazzle of a polished cubic zirconia.  And that would be a shame.


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