“We Don’t Need Background Screening Here”

Posted by Kristina Taylor
April 28, 2009

“We Don’t Need Background Screening Here”

“We don’t need background screening at our company.”

It’s a commonly-said, perfectly understandable phrase.  After all, background checks require an investment of time and money.  Additionally, some job applicants (especially those in higher-level positions) become ruffled when told they’ll need to pass a background screening as a condition of their employment.

Really, it couldn’t hurt to just bypass background checks altogether, right?

Well… no. 

Here’s why:

Each year, millions of dollars are stolen through employee theft.  Employers trust that their workers are going to be ethical; after all, they seemed to be qualified and enthusiastic!  But what those same employers overlook is that even the most affable, educated employee could have a penchant for pilfering.

Not all employee theft is readily noticeable, either.  A few dollars here and there could easily go undetected for months, even years.  But a mere $10 filched each day quickly adds up.

In the end, background screenings can be an excellent measure to stave off employee theft.  Are they a cure-all?  Nope.  But they are a means of protecting the financial and cultural interests of an organization, especially when used in tandem with rock-solid hiring practices and diligent accounting.