Warning to Job Seekers: Pay Your Bills!

Posted by Kristina Taylor
December 10, 2009

Warning to Job Seekers: Pay Your Bills!

The job market has changed dramatically and that means job seekers have to pay more attention to the way they appear to potential employers than ever before.  They have to dress smarter, have more substantial resumes, be more flexible with employment options and, on top of everything else, keep their credit scores as high as possible.

That last item seems to be difficult for many job hunters, as they’re struggling to pay their bills.  But, like it or not, it’s critical for employee wanna-bes to keep up with their creditors lest they lose a coveted position because of a shoddy credit report.

Of course, some employees a) don’t know this fact and/or b) don’t care about it.  But they should make no mistake — more and more companies are including credit reports as part of their standard new hire background check procedures.

So what should job hunters do?  First, they can get a copy of their credit scores and reports (for free) to make sure they’re in order.  Next, if there are any red flags, they can tell a potential employer upfront so the employer isn’t surprised by the credit report.  Finally, they can aim to increase their credit score by paying bills on time or even working with a financial counselor who can assist them in upping their report.

Above all else, though, job seekers need to realize that how they handle their finances at home could greatly affect whether or not they’ll be offered a job.

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