Use Employment Screening Reports to Search for Patterns of Behavior

Posted by Kristina Taylor
September 21, 2011

Use Employment Screening Reports to Search for Patterns of Behavior

When conducting a background check, it’s easy for an employer to get caught up in every line item of the report. While there’s a wealth of knowledge that can be gathered and reported on a prospective employee, through credit reports, criminal background checks, driving records and more, none of that is ultimately helpful to an employer unless he or she understands how to read an employment screening report.

The key to making wise decisions on prospective employees is to look for patterns of behavior, not necessarily single infractions or one-time issues. For example, if someone has one speeding ticket, it’s not cause for alarm. But if an applicant has 15 unpaid parking tickets, that should raise a red flag. Even though parking tickets are in no way a serious offense, the sheer number of them point to a pattern of behavior for this person that could signal they are careless, disrespectful of rules, or perhaps just generally disorganized. None of those things are what you’d hope or expect your next manager to be.

So when you get that report, go line by line but more importantly, refocus to the bigger picture, using the clues given in the report to piece together the applicant’s personality, work ethic and responsibility level.

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