Treat Your Employees Well, But Protect Your Interests First

Posted by Kristina Taylor
May 6, 2010

Treat Your Employees Well, But Protect Your Interests First

It can be tough for many employers to accept the fact that, although they want to maintain an excellent working environment for their people, they have to make sure they protect their interests initially.  This comes in many forms, including background checks on all prospective employees.

A quick, but thorough, background check can give an employer an abundance of information, including whether or not a potential hiree has been having credit problems.  (Though that isn’t necessarily a “deal breaker”, it can be a red flag, especially if the hiree would be handling a lot of cash or be in charge of the finances.)  Additionally, employers can find out if a job candidate has a criminal past, has lied on his/her resume and more.

If employers conduct a comprehensive screening of all potential employees, there’s no need to operate an organization that fears its workers in terms of trusting them to conduct themselves honestly and in the business’s best interests.  And that’s better for everyone, including the consumers and/or companies the business serves.