Think Twice before Hitting That “Friend” Button

Think Twice before Hitting That “Friend” Button

You’re on Facebook just like millions of others around the globe.  So when an employee invites you to be “friends”, your first instinct is, “Sure!  Why not?”  But is that really the best decision?

Social networking is becoming a bit of a conundrum for managers, especially those who are in positions of significant power at their organizations.  For instance, if your “Facebook Friend” doesn’t pass a random drug screening, are you going to be less likely to take swift, zero-tolerance action? 

Though most supervisors and VPs confidently assert that they can separate work when needed, it’s becoming harder and harder to discipline employees if you are communicating via social networking.  After all, how easy is it to fire someone with whom you regularly IM, text and/or tweet?

Many companies have now begun to institute policies regarding social networking, but there’s always going to be a gray area.  Just make sure that you contemplate the potential downside of accepting a colleague as a “friend” before making that leap.

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