Think Job Applicants Are Truthful? Think Again!

Posted by Kristina Taylor
November 9, 2010

Think Job Applicants Are Truthful? Think Again!

It’s an unfortunate fact of life — you can’t spot a liar by the look on his or her face.  Though some people claim to be able to “tell” if someone is being deceptive, it’s much wiser to rely on background checks to determine an individual’s truthfulness(Not to channel Lady Gaga, but some people do have exceptional “poker faces”!)

And this goes across all industries and occupations.  From the retail salesperson working part-time in the mall to the vice president of finance for a Fortune 500 company, anyone can lie.  And many, many people do. 

The next time you have a position to fill, be certain to perform comprehensive background checks on anyone you think could “make the cut” and possibly become a part of your team.  This will enable you to avoid letting a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” through the front door.