Stars Like Lindsay Lohan Aren’t Immune to Drug Screenings

Posted by Kristina Taylor
September 24, 2010

Stars Like Lindsay Lohan Aren’t Immune to Drug Screenings

No matter what your feelings are about Lindsay Lohan, the troubled starlet du jour, there’s one thing that’s perfectly clear — if it weren’t for drug screening procedures, she’d probably be making some even worse choices over the next few weeks.

Lohan has been sent back to jail after failing a court-ordered drug screening test.  Whether she will remain in prison isn’t altogether clear.  Some sources suggest that she might be allowed to enter an in-patient treatment program in lieu of serving her jail sentence.

So what can we all learn from the disaster that is Lindsay Lohan

First, that systematic drug screening works.  It’s a great way to prove that someone is doing something they shouldn’t. 

Secondly, that drug screening of personnel gives you an added measure of security.  If you implement random drug screenings(as do employers in many industries, like trucking companies), you’ll be safer and so will your workers and vendors. 

Third, though this didn’t work in the case of Lohan (unless she wanted to get caught, which is a possibility), drug screeningcan be a very effective means of deterrence from using illegal substances.

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