Small Business Background Checks – What To Look For

Posted by Kristina Taylor
April 9, 2015

Small Business Background Checks – What To Look For

Background checks are essential for small business owners. They ensure you are hiring the right people who will protect the security of your business. While looking at resumes and doing interviews are both also important activities, they do not tell you everything you need to know about your prospective new employee. You need a company that specializes in small business background checks to help you discover who you are really considering hiring.

The things you need to know about prospective employees as a small business owner is different than what a larger corporation would need to know. This is because your business operates differently and has different concerns than a large organization. Here are the things you need to look at most closely when doing a small business background check, to be sure the right people come on board with you and will prove to be assets to your company.

1. Verifying Past Employment

Your prospective employees will put relevant (and sometimes irrelevant) past jobs on their resumes, and you can ask them about these jobs at the interview, if you decide to interview them. However, they may not be telling you everything. If you decide someone you have interviewed is a good prospective employee, you need to dig a little deeper into their employment history.

First, you want to make sure the jobs they’ve listed on their resume are genuine. You would be surprised by how many people lie about past jobs on their resumes, thinking no one is ever going to check. By looking into their background to make sure the jobs they listed are real, you can make sure they really do have the experience required to do their job at your business.

You should also be looking for jobs they did not list on their resumes. Even if these jobs have nothing to do with what they would be doing for you, you still need to know if they were ever fired for misconduct at any other job, what that misconduct was, and if it seems to be a pattern or a one-time thing with them. Their history at past jobs not listed on their resumes can have a big impact on how well they perform for you if you hire them. These are things you’ll want your background check company to look into for you.

2. Checking for a Criminal History

While some people may mention a criminal history on their resume, most will want to keep this information secret, because they will be concerned it will keep them from getting hired. You may not care about a minor criminal history. Some bigger crimes may not even concern you that much if you feel that it won’t affect someone’s ability to be trustworthy and do a good job for you. However, some crimes may reflect poorly on a person’s character and give you concerns about whether they can be trusted. You can’t work well with someone you don’t trust from the beginning.

It is better to know about a problematic criminal history before you hire someone, rather than finding out about it after they are already working for you and harder to dismiss.

After all, you can’t fire someone for not disclosing information you didn’t ask for as long as they’re doing a good job for you. That could open you up to a lawsuit, which you definitely don’t want to engage in. Your background check company should look into a person’s criminal history and report it back to you. You can then make the decision on whether or not you can work with that person, based on what the background check into their criminal history reveals. If someone has a history of stealing and you run a retail business or one that handles a lot of money, you may not want that person working for you. The same thing goes for someone with a history of violence toward others.

On the other hand, you may not be too concerned about someone with civil disobedience, code violations, traffic offenses, or even minor drug violations on their record (especially if these were when they were very young, and there have been no recent problems in that area). It’s all up to you what you’re comfortable with in a criminal history, but it’s something you definitely need to investigate before hiring someone.

3. Verifying References

You will want to call references to make sure an applicant is telling the truth about past employment, and to get an appraisal of their character from others. It is also important to make sure these references are real. Some people looking for a job will get friends and family to pose as former employers for reference purposes, especially if they can’t list their real former employers due to a bad past employment history.

Your background check company will look into the references for you to make sure they are genuine, and will also check out character references to make sure they aren’t shady characters themselves. You want character references to be upstanding citizens and good judges of character on their own, and the background check service you use will find out the truth for you.

What Background Check Service Should You Use?

You need to hire a professional background check service with many years of experience working for small businesses. A company that works a lot with small businesses will know your particular, unique needs as a small company and will be able to meet them flawlessly to help you get the best possible employees on board.

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