Should You Background Check Your Nanny?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
November 2, 2010

Should You Background Check Your Nanny?

It’s not uncommon for babysitters and nannies to come highly recommended by people you trust.  So why would you consider background checking them, right?

Well, for one, if they have been doing anything untoward, their charges (aka, the little kids) might not know about it or be able to say anything.  Consider a nanny who is stealing loose money or jewelry from her employer during “naptime”… is that an act a child is likely to notice? 

Yes, it can be difficult to tell a prospective nanny or babysitter that you plan on putting them through a background check.  In fact, some of them might be insulted by the mere suggestion.  But if they have nothing to hide and you’re the one paying for the (affordably priced!) background screening, they should have nothing to fear.

Think of it this way — you wouldn’t trust your child or children to someone you KNEW was potentially going to be a negative influence on them.  So why wouldn’t you background check every person with access to your most precious loved ones?