Selling Background Screening to a Challenging Boss

Selling Background Screening to a Challenging Boss

Do you have a boss who would rather “just not know” than bother with background checks?  Then you need to give him or her a bit of an education!

In order to “sell” your boss on the notion of background screening for all new employees, try one or more of these tactics:

1.  Do your homework and find out how much background checks would actually cost your company.  Your boss may have an erroneous idea of how much he or she would have to spend.

2.  Find out if other companies in your industry are performing background checks.  If they are, you can use that to try to sway your boss.  And if they aren’t, you can try to convince your boss to use background screening as a recruitment tool for the best-of-the-best applicants.

3.  Do a little online homework.  You’ll quickly realize that plenty of organizations have been tanked by the actions of an employee who was never background checked.  Had they gone through the background check process, they might still be in business.

4.  Ask your employees/colleagues if they would feel safer knowing that the person in the cubicle next to them had been background checked.  Most will say YES!

Again, it’s not easy to broach this kind of subject, especially with a finicky boss.  But it’s the right thing to do… and you just may avoid a huge disaster!

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