School Bus Drivers Must Pass Background Checks

School Bus Drivers Must Pass Background Checks

One of the biggest issues for many parents is how their children will be getting to and from school.  And for plenty of families, the answer is simple and traditional: the yellow school bus.  But what’s become perfectly clear is the fact that, in this day and age, bus drivers must be able to pass comprehensive background checks in order to assume their roles.

If you think this just costs money and is a frivolous requirement, think again.  Many school districts use their intensive background checking processes to encourage parents to allow their sons and daughters to use the school transportation.  For instance, in the Douglas County School System, North Carolina, bus drivers are put through a thorough background check and a rigorous 64 hours of training.  That’s before they ever are allowed to be in charge of little (or big) kids.

In North Carolina, the state only requires 12 hours of training for bus drivers, so Douglas County School System has set itself apart.  Douglas County School System also has a tremendously rigorous interviewing and hiring system that includes criminal checks, drug testing, motor vehicle checks, pre-employment physical exams and reference checks.

The upshot for all this planning and preparation?  In the past six years, Douglas County School System has never had one accident or problem with any of its substitute or regular bus drivers.  It’s a definite testament to the power of background checking and proper set up. 

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