Resume Lying on the Rise

Posted by Kristina Taylor
August 25, 2009

Resume Lying on the Rise

It’s always been known that some job seekers habitually cheat on their resumes.  Anecdotal evidence even suggests that up to 40% of resumes contain fabrications of one sort or another.

With today’s high American unemployment rate, it’s becoming an increasingly popular “sport” to exaggerate, “tweak” and even openly fib about qualifications, job history and education background.  And it isn’t the “uneducated” who are making wild claims.

In fact, people from all walks of life have been known to commit what boils down to out-and-out resume fraud.  Just because someone can pull off a fabulous interview doesn’t mean he or she isn’t willing to lie to obtain a healthy paycheck or benefits.

This brings to light the importance of routinely conducting background checks when it comes to job candidates.  Sure, employers might end up losing a prospect they really felt would be an asset to the team, but why should they pay someone who was willing to tell tall tales on his or her resume?

In the end, it’s critical that all employers start background checking every person who is brought into the fold.  That way, they can go forward with all the facts and build a cadre of responsible and ethical colleagues.