Referrals – A Great Job Candidate Source, but Don’t Forget to Screen Them!

Referrals – A Great Job Candidate Source, but Don’t Forget to Screen Them!

Every employer knows that one of the best ways to come up with really wonderful job candidates is to get them by referral.  Whether referred by a current worker, a former worker (who is still on good terms with the company), a vendor, a client or a volunteer, those types of potential employees can be pure gold.  However, that doesn’t give employers “wiggle room” when it comes to background screening.

Even if you decide to hire the grown son of a terrific employee, it’s necessary to screen him just as you would a candidate who essentially “walked in off the street”.  Sure, you might think you’re saving money by simply concluding that the son is going to be as likable and dependable as his father (and you might even be right), but that’s a gamble you can’t take.

Recent studies have suggested that up to 10% of all potential employees have some mark on their records, and some of those “marks” are in the criminal realm.  Who’s to say that your referred employee isn’t among them?

Never take chances.  Background screen every employee… even if that person is your mother.

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