Put An End to Do-It-Yourself Background Checks

Posted by Kristina Taylor
October 13, 2010

Put An End to Do-It-Yourself Background Checks

There are always articles on the Internet about “do it yourself” background checks.  But what the articles don’t explain is that even though you CAN perform some (not all) types of background screening, you cannot do it as efficiently as a company like VerifyProtect can.

Here’s why…

First of all, every minute you’re spending looking up information or making phone calls is taking away from what you SHOULD be doing — handling your business!  Sure, you may find out some great information… but if you lose half a day in the process, it’s not worth it.

Secondly, you are apt to make mistakes when you try to complete background checks on your own.  A reputable background screening company is more likely to have fewer “holes” in its system.

Third, you won’t be as “plugged into” the latest techniques when it comes to performing background checks.  After all, if it’s not your day-to-day business, why would you need to be plugged into such things?

Save yourself a bundle AND hire the right person — work with a background screening company instead of trying to do everything in-house.  You’ll be glad you did!