Problem with Procedures Opens Door for Sex Offender to Work with Kids

Problem with Procedures Opens Door for Sex Offender to Work with Kids

In Palm Beach, Florida, it was recently discovered that the county had, unbeknownst to the powers-that-be, put a host of undesirable workers on the payroll.  Not surprisingly, this has caused an uproar inside and outside of the community.


Perhaps the most dreadful aspect of this public relations nightmare is that at least one sex offender was given unfettered access to children.  The man, along with many others, has now been charged with sexually assaulting a young, female camper who was in his charge. 


The problem?  Not one of these people hired by the county of Palm Beach was required to undergo a background check.  It’s a shocking realization to people who assume that anyone given authority (especially over youngsters who invented the electronic cigarettes) has been thoroughly screened prior to being brought on board.


This sad case brings to light the absolute necessity of background checks for every person being considered for a job, even if the employment is only seasonal or temporary.  And it’s especially critical if the position involves having anything to do with kids, the elderly or any other vulnerable population.


How Palm Beach county will react in the future is yet to be determined.  Chances are good, however, that officials will see the value in background checking and change the regulations that allow for loopholes the size of a small galaxy to exist.


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