Pre-Employment Screening A Sign of Better Business Sense

Posted by Kristina Taylor
July 15, 2011

Pre-Employment Screening A Sign of Better Business Sense

Some in the business world lament the trend toward more thorough, and more frequent, pre-employment screening. What happened to the days of trusting our employees, they say. What is this world coming to if I am forced to verify every detail given to me on a résume, and probe into every applicant’s history looking for a criminal past?

The problem isn’t so much that we don’t trust one another anymore, it’s that we now have the tools to make sure we’re making the right choices for our business. Whereas long ago we relied on handshakes and a neatly typed résume, today we have thousands of records at our disposal — thanks to reputable employment screening companies — to verify that the person sitting across from us in the interview room is really who he says he is, from the school he says he’s from, with the experience he claims to have.

Business today is global. It’s fast-paced. It has no time for inconsistencies and half-truths. It has no room for overly padded résumes and liability risks. Good old-fashioned handshakes still signify that a deal is done, but there’s no good reason to resist the use of technology and good business sense to make sure those judgment calls are the right ones, before you extend your hand.

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