Pre-employment Drug Screenings Can Save Months of Problems

Posted by Kristina Taylor
May 14, 2009

Pre-employment Drug Screenings Can Save Months of Problems


Have you ever worked with someone who was addicted to drugs and/or alcohol?  If so, you know how trying it can be for everyone else in the office.  People talk in hushed tones, colleagues gossip and a general toxicity can permeate the workplace.  It’s a morale killer… and potentially a business killer if the “user” is in a prominent position.

It’s easy to see how pre-employment drug screening can and does solve a great many issues for organizations.  Though such screenings can’t stop someone who is already in your employ from becoming addicted after he or she has been hired, they can help you avoid bringing into your workplace a person whose problems could create tension and low productivity… at the very least.

Given this fact, why aren’t more companies conducting pre-employment drug screening?  Could it be because their leaders assume that no one who would work in their industry could be using drugs or abusing alcohol?  If so, it’s time for a fact check.

Anyone can become addicted.  Anyone.  The guy in the spotless suit who graduated from Harvard.  The woman with a resume that shines like gold.  The executive whose references beam about his acumen.  Each of these seemingly “perfect” candidates could hide a dark secret that can only see the light of day through a simple pre-employment drug screening.

So… the big question… are you going to take a chance with your next hiree?  It’s your business… and your decision.  Choose well.