Pre-Employment Background Checks – Right for EVERY Company

Pre-Employment Background Checks – Right for EVERY Company

There’s a huge misconception that the smaller the company, the less likely they are to need pre-employment background checks.  But that’s just a myth.  In reality, it’s just as important for even small corporations to make certain that anyone they bring on board is going to be an asset — and not a liability — to the organization.

A recent post from the American Banking News site hit that fact home… hard.  In the piece, the author makes mention of the following:

“…how is it possible for a company to be too small to run background checks on employees? Is it less likely to matter if a small company hires someone with a history of committing violent crimes that for a large company? Is a sexual predator less likely to strike again if he works for a tiny business than a multinational conglomerate?

“If you find yourself facing a negligent hiring lawsuit because you hired an individual with an issue that you should have known about prior to hiring the person, you’ll learn the hard way why spending money on background checks prior to hiring is an essential expense that is well worth the nominal cost.”

Bravo to that! 

Yes, it’s understandable for small businesses (especially those who are feeling the pinch of the economic downturn and turmoil) to want to save money, but pre-employment background checks should never be the place to “cut corners”.  Doing so is akin to inviting a tragic occurrence to happen.  And what company that wants to be around in a year can risk that?

Be wise — background check each and every potential employee.  The small cost to do so could just save you thousands down the road.

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