Policy and Procedure Writing Shouldn’t Be Tackled Lightly…

Posted by Kristina Taylor
April 21, 2009

Policy and Procedure Writing Shouldn’t Be Tackled Lightly…

If your business has an immediate (or near-future) need for policy and procedure writing, to whom will you turn?  If you work at most companies, you will probably call in your best, most literate workers, describe what you’re hoping to achieve and expect the best. 

But is that really the wisest thing to do?

First and foremost, policy and procedure writing isn’t simple.  Sure, it sounds straightfoward… until you get into the nuts and bolts of what to include, how to format your pages, how to turn a phrase, et cetera.

Secondly, if you need policies and procedures to be written, chances are high that you don’t want to wait forever to review or accept them.  But when they are authored in-house, especially by those who have never written such works before, the timeframe from conception to finalization can be notoriously long.

Lastly, understand that in-house policy and procedure writing will take your staff away from other tasks that they could be doing.  For instance, your personnel manager’s hours might better be spent handling human resource responsibilities; similarly, your vice president’s time probably shouldn’t be spent deciding how to word a document.

Of course, you can’t ignore the fact that you will sooner or later need written policies and procedures.  As a savvy small to medium company owner or employee, though, make sure you seriously consider outsourcing before making any decisions.  Doing so is prudent and could save you quite a bit of headache in the long run.