Parents: Who’s Watching Your Kids When You’re Not There?

Parents: Who’s Watching Your Kids When You’re Not There?

Who watches your kids when you can’t be at home with them?  If you live near Raleigh, North Carolina, you might want to consider a babysitter referral source like

Thanks to the intensive screening they put their babysitters through, including an intensive background screening, SeekingSitters is winning top honors for its thoroughness and security.

This brings to light an important question — why don’t all babysitting services offer such background screening?  Most likely, the companies cut corners and cross their fingers… but what parent wouldn’t pay just a few dollars more for an assurance of safety?

Let’s face it — there are plenty of ways to save a buck.  Putting your kids in harm’s way just isn’t one of them.  So whether you use a babysitting service, send your children to a sitter’s or enroll your precious one in a daycare, you’re well within your rights to inquire:  “Do you background check your employees?”

You’ll never regret saying those six words.

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