NY Lawmakers considering stricter background check laws

Posted by Kristina Taylor
November 27, 2013

NY Lawmakers considering stricter background check laws

New York lawmakers are asking state adult care facilities to offer suggestions on how to improve hiring practices after two endangerment incidents in 2013 were made public.

Earlier this year, a level 3 sex offender was discovered to have inappropriate contact with a 91-yr old resident in an assisted living facility.

A second worker, who was employed by a home for disabled adults, was found sleeping in a locked room during work hours. The residents of the facility ended up pulling the fire alarm when they could not locate her, which alerted authorities. It was revealed the employee had a criminal record that included prior arrests for DUI and drug-related charges.

New York does not currently have a state law requiring assisted living homes to do background checks on employees. One senator has decided that needs to change.

Senator Huge Farley plans to introduce legislation that would mandate criminal background screenings for all persons working with disabled adults.

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