Nightclub in Arizona Institutes Background Checks… on Patrons

Posted by Kristina Taylor
September 15, 2010

Nightclub in Arizona Institutes Background Checks… on Patrons

It’s a decidedly unusual story — Pearl, a nightclub in Arizona, has instituted a policy of background checking patrons.

This very controversial (and unique) decision comes after a murder occurred at the exclusive night spot.  Thus, they are planning to background check “some” people who come through the doors. 

Though it’s not clear how this process is going to work for them, it is definitely notable in terms of its creativity.  It also shows how powerful a business’s need for background checks can be.  In the case of Pearl, instituting background checks on patrons allows them to:

a.  Market a sense of safety to people considering coming to their facility.

b.  Handle the crisis management of having a murder occur at their facility.

c.  Make their competitors question their own standards of “checking” those who want entrance into their nightclubs.

What do you think?  Is the background checking that Pearl is implementing a thumbs up or thumbs down?  Would it make you more or less likely to visit the Tucson, AZ, nightclub?

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