New Nebraska Law Targets Welfare Recipients for Drug Testing

Posted by Kristina Taylor
January 25, 2011

New Nebraska Law Targets Welfare Recipients for Drug Testing

Those persons living in Nebraska and applying for or receiving welfare checks may now be subject to drug testing under a new bill that was introduced in mid-January by Senator Charlie Janssen.


The bill, LB222, proposes that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) create a systematic program to screen welfare applicants/recipients for illegal drugs.  A positive test would render them ineligible for welfare from the state for 12 months.  Positive drug testing results would also result in HHS referring them to a substance abuse treatment opportunity.


LB222 is not without its opponents who feel that drug testing should not be connected to the receipt of welfare from the state.  In fact, some are calling the process unconstitutional.  However, Senator Janssen feels strongly that the bill will pass.  And other states are jumping on board with calls for drug testing for food stamps, etc.




What do you think?


Should drug testing for welfare recipients be undertaken?  Does your state have this kind of arrangement?