NBA Background Checks – More Thorough Than Many Businesses’

NBA Background Checks – More Thorough Than Many Businesses’

With all the media hubbub surrounding the bad habits and poor choices of some NBA players, it might come as a surprise that the NBA actually has a very strict background screening process in place.  But the truth of the matter is that their background checks weed out the “bad apples” in no time flat.

As Gregg Polinsky, the director of player personnel of the New Jersey Nets, recently noted in an article when discussing the lessons that college basketball programs could learn from the NBA’s stringent background checking rules:

“When you talk to enough people,’’ he said, “you can put together the puzzle of the person’s personality type.’’

If you’re a business person, you need to start thinking more like the NBA about your “players”!  One toxic athlete can bring a whole team to its knees and wind up costing much more than a thorough background check ever would.

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