More Proof That Drug Tests Can Be Life Savers!

More Proof That Drug Tests Can Be Life Savers!

Straight from a town paper in Tennessee, we have a report of a routine drug screening saving a worker’s life.

The worker, a 57-year-old woman who is a city employee, was asked to give a urine sample.   In passing, she mentioned the fact that she had “a small knot” in her stomach to the nurse administering the drug screening.

Being the professional she was, the nurse suggested the employee make a check-up with a physician, just in case the knot was something other than anxiety.

Lo and behold, the nurse’s suspicions were accurate.  After a number of tests, doctors detected a potentially fatal aneurysm.  Though it was remedied with surgery, it could have shortened the worker’s life.

As the employee later said:

“Had I not had to have a drug screening… and Chad [her doctor] being as tenacious as a bulldog, I would have probably died from a ruptured aneurysm…”

It’s a good reminder to those employers who hem and haw about instituting random drug tests to their workforce.  After all, there’s no telling when a drug screening as simple as a urine test could ultimately save a life.

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