Mandatory Drug Testing: Dont Be an Unlucky Employer, Be a Smart One

Mandatory Drug Testing: Dont Be an Unlucky Employer, Be a Smart One

We all want to trust that the well-groomed man in the new suit and tie handing you the impressive resume is as clean as his newly shined shoes. But the reality is that not everyone is clean and sober. According to statistics put out by the National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance, over 74 percent of all current illegal drug users work, and over 74 percent of heavy alcohol users work. And those employers who are unlucky enough to hire them watch their productivity drag and their absenteeism rise.

But perhaps labeling those employers “unlucky” is a misnomer, because that implies the employer’s fate was out of their control. On the contrary, every employer, large and small, has the ability to weed out the substance abusers from their ranks — both current and prospective. Drug testing is something that should be done for all jobs in today’s society. If you want to avoid mistakes, injuries, lowered productivity, employee absenteeism and tardiness, and a host of other problems, it’s crucial to perform mandatory drug testing on all prospective and current employees as part of the employment screening process.

Your company’s human resources department should get every employee and every applicant to sign a waiver agreeing to take a drug test. It’s in the best interest of your company and your company’s clean and sober employees.

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