Let a Background Screening Company Vet Your New Employees

Posted by Kristina Taylor
November 24, 2010

Let a Background Screening Company Vet Your New Employees

You have a terrific job candidate who has given the right answers and seems to you to be the perfect person for your position opening.  But just to be certain, you’re going to give a call to her previous employers.

The first call goes something like this:

You:  Hello, this is Michelle Jones from ABC Company.  A former employee of yours, Jennifer Smith, is applying for a position as sales manager.  Do you have a moment to tell me about your experience with Ms. Smith?

Former Employer:  I can’t give you any information.

You:  But… all I want to know…

Former Employer:  Listen — I don’t want to get in trouble.  I can’t talk about anyone.  Bye.  [hangs up]

At this point, you’re not only frustrated, but you’re confused.  What went wrong?

First of all, you didn’t do anything incorrect or innately “bad”; you simply didn’t understand the lingo of checking references.  That’s why it’s highly recommended that you connect with a professional background screening company to check references for you. 

Professional background screening company employees are trained to be very systematic and deliberate when it comes to get as much information as is legally possible given the circumstances, the state in which the employer resides, etc.

Don’t spend time and energy calling potential employees’ previous employers.  Choose a professional background screening company to do it on your behalf and make your decisions base on the best, most accurate info.

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