Job Hunters: Know Thy Credit Report

Job Hunters: Know Thy Credit Report

When you’re hunting for a job, the last thing on your mind may be your credit report, but in order to snag a good position with the best company you can, you have to think like an employer.  And many, many businesses are looking at credit reports as part of the background screening process.

It’s not a surprise, really.  With a plethora of applicants and a limited number of openings, companies can afford to be picky.  Whereas before they might have eschewed a credit report, today they can use this type of document to weed out the pile of applicant resumes.

This means it’s imperative to analyze your own credit report before you ever step foot in a potential employer’s office (or perhaps before you send a resume or CV out at all.)  Fortunately, you can actually get a free copy of your credit report once per year, so you don’t have to pay anything to obtain the information that could just mean the difference between a “yes” and a “no”.

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