It’s Time to Start Background Checking Your Volunteers

It’s Time to Start Background Checking Your Volunteers

Schools are doing it.

Churches are doing it.

Nonprofits are doing it.

They’re all background checking volunteers… and it’s probably high time for your organization to do so, too.

Why the sudden movement to ensure that all volunteers can pass at least a simple (if not a comprehensive) background check?  To be perfectly honest, the answer can be traced back to all the negatie press that’s been fluttering about thanks to problems with sexual predators in after-school programs and pedophiles in religious organizations.

Of course, not all criminals prey on children.  Other headlines regularly explain how volunteers have been able to take money from the nonprofits they are seemingly “helping”.  (In all truth, they are simply “helping” themselves to a portion of the proceeds.) 

To protect yourself and everyone in contact with your volunteers, it’s crucial to have a background checking policy in place starting ASAP.  Be prepared to have some people balk at the idea, especially if you ask them to cover the minimal payment associated with doing so.  But know that those who truly support your agency, firm or institution will gladly help you in your endeavor to make it as safe and secure as possible.

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