Its Time for an Updated Employee Handbook

Posted by Kristina Taylor
January 14, 2011

Its Time for an Updated Employee Handbook

You’ve been putting it off for years because a) it’s too expensive; b) it’s too time-consuming; c) it’s not important in the long run; and/or d) any other excuse you can create.  But you know you need to refresh your employee handbook… so it’s time.


Fortunately, you don’t have to forge ahead and put together your employee handbook on your own. Companies like VerifyProtect can actually assist you in creating a document that will cover your bases AND be readable.


Yes, yes, we know that most employees don’t open their employee handbooks after their first few days on the job.  But it’s still critical that your company have one.  Believe us, it will come in handy when you least online blackjack that uses checks expect it.


For instance, if a sexual harassment claim is brought against your company, you should have answers in place regarding your sexual harassment policy as outlined in your employee handbook.  Without such a policy written in stone, you’ll have a difficult time protecting yourself should you wind up in litigation.


Another circumstance that often arises is when supervisors and managers have to make decisions “on the fly”.  If they can simply consult the employee handbook, it ensures that they’re doing things as you expect them to be done.


Make 2011 the year that you finally wipe the dust from those old employee handbooks.  You’ll be glad you took the step.


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