Is That Jobseekers Previous Employer Real or Fake?

Posted by Kristina Taylor
August 26, 2011

Is That Jobseekers Previous Employer Real or Fake?

One of the most important tools an employer uses as part of the pre-employment screening process is to speak to an applicant’s former employer, to check professional references and find out from former bosses and colleagues whether the applicant has the experience, knowledge, leadership skills and other assets listed on their resumé.

Now there’s at least one company sabotaging this effort by offering fake job references, complete with job titles, salary details, and start and end dates. Jobseekers pay a fee and a monthly subscription to get a complete stranger to pose as a previous employer and offer glowing reviews of the applicant’s performance and skills.

The fees range, with more expensive plans promising three different “references” to act as a phony human resources manager, a fake immediate supervisor, and a phony secondary supervisor. Those giving the fake references also are paid subscribers to the service.

The job market is tough for many industries right now, but using deceitful means to land a job hurts both the employee and the employer in the end. The best way to wade through the increasingly murky waters of employee verification is to hire a reputable employment screening service trained to weed out the scammers, con artists and thiefs and find those deserving of a job at your place of business.

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